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-100W hand built all tube guitar amplifier

-3 Channels
­ -Stainless steel chassis

-Military grade components

-Mallory 150 series / Sozo and TAD mustard capacitors / Paper in oil Caps. Each selected for maximum tone.

-Presence pot

-A balls knob, for a big tone on smaller cabinets

-Channels and boost are all switchable

-Footswitch with bright leds to indicate status

-A switchable tube buffered series effects loop along with a return level control (power section master volume) to allow interfacing with a wide variety of effects devices. The individual channel master level controls act as effects send levels and the return level control then acts as an overall master volume when the loop is used. The effects send jack is always active and is useful as a low impedance preamp section line out. When the loop is switched off the effect buffer (send and return) is completely bypassed for maximum transparency

-4-EL34 power tubes (Svetlana) with a custom designed transformer (4 / 8 / 16 ohm )

-Regulated DC heaters for the 6 12AX7 preamp tubes provide low noise and increased tube life

-Custom designed overrated power transformer

Hook Captain 34 Black Panel (Used)

1 800,00 €Prix
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